There are days…

There are days…

When The Struggle Bus HITS me, it hits me dead center of my core, backs up over me and hits me again until it’s done doing a three-point-turn in expert Drivers Education style.

I struggle with being a second wife and new step mom. I struggle with being a good mom to my girls, a daughter, a friend…. The list of struggles on THESE DAYS goes on like the “song that never ends”. You know, the song that repeats itself over and over again. So we all decided learning this was essential to our childhood and also aided in adding some gray hairs for our parents.

Let’s face it insecurities coupled with self-doubt is NOT pretty, it’s NOT sexy. And to say you feel insecure or self-doubt out loud makes people look at you like there are four heads connected to the very same body you are ALREADY feel insecure about. No one wants to hear about it since they are probably feeling the same way.

How does one push past this wall of struggle? How do you articulate to another human, so you can have one person understand you? To have one person maybe help you push this wall down, climb over the rubble, stand on top of pile and feel like you’ve overcome something pretty big.


Don’t happen every day.

On an exceptionally extra hard Struggle Bus Day…

My mom came to visit me after an appointment with her guru “I’m getting a tattoo! It’s going to say ‘I am enough’ ” And she told her story. It planted a seed. I am enough. She is enough. You are enough. We are enough.

Well after months of waiting, we went together and had left wrists tattooed with “;i am enough”

The meaning behind this tattoo and three other ones…..


I’ll save that for another time. But now, in this moment and THIS DAY, I feel like I am Wonder Woman with her powerful cuffs to ward off evil. It’s a great reminder to look down & KNOW I am enough.

-To my Mom –

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