Let’s start here…

I’m going to tell you something that won’t be a total shocker. Once you have a chance to read my amazing, witty thoughts, you will understand…. I am NOT a writer. I am NOT an accomplished author. I am NOT even that great with organizing my thoughts so they make sense for you, the reader.

So here I am taking a chance. Hoping that SOMEONE can relate to the little sentiments I will be carefully putting into words for you to read.

I am 38! I am a second wife to My Favorite, ex-wife to him who shall remain nameless. I am a mom to two sweet ginger girls. I am a step mom to one boy and one girl. I am NOT a college graduate. I’m probably one of the average Joe’s out in the world just trying to make sure everyone is happy, the bills are paid and dinner is ready on the table.

I’ve been in and out of counselling or therapy… whatever, people want to call it for most of my adult life. Almost every counselor or therapist I’ve had has said “You either need to write or be on stage sharing your story” Now this is usually said while they are laughing OR they must really think I’m a great story-teller.

So here we are…. As you can see I’m NOT a writer but I think the story I’ve lived is pretty sad, comical, and human.

I hope to share this amazing story and journey with you. Enjoy!

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