Time to be okay!

In October of 2017….

I stepped away from social media, okay, mostly Facebook.

{{Full Disclosure…I kept my Instagram account because I felt like I wasn’t on Instagram enough, that it was taking over my world, thoughts, and feelings.}}

Guess what? Did you know there’s more to life than “Oh man, I HAVE to post this on Facebook and see how many likes I get today!” ?

I’ve recently been receiving emails from Facebook about all the things I’m missing on The Great World of Facebook.

Do you know what I’m missing?


NOTHING a little text or a phone call or a coffee time with a friend can’t fix.

Do you know what I’m NOT missing? I am NOT missing out on time with My Favorite! I am NOT missing out on time with Freckleface and Stinkerdoodle! And I am most definitely NOT missing out on time with my TRUE friends!

The pictures that are with this blog were actually taken for My Favorite & I to have as OUR memories and NOT for 978+ of our closest Facebook friends. Remember when we used to put our photos in a photo album & THAT was the ONLY way our closest friends saw them?

I couldn’t tell you how much time I used to spend scrolling through the feed to see if me or my life ever measured up to the ever unreachable perfection that is called Facebook… Do know what I discovered? It never did and it never will. That time I used to spend scrolling is lost. I can’t get THAT time back. I saw a poster this week in one my children’s classrooms it said “One thing that CAN NOT be recycled is Time!”

Do you know how I spend my time these days? I spend it Living! I spend it laughing! I spend it making memories with my family and friends! I spend my time wisely, as mentioned before, time is a precious commodity. You only get SO much of it.

I spend time reading more books, floating the river, going on dates with My Favorite. I play board games with my family. I pull weeds in my garden. I actually TALK to people instead of looking at my phone to see how many likes I got, or the next best thing someone posted.

I’ve spent this last (ALMOST a year) just being okay with being OKAY! I’m not the world’s best photographer, writer, singer, dancer or anything…not in Facebook land anyway.

But I am pretty sure I’m okay. I’m an okay wife, mom and friend. I’m okay with just enjoying this small whiff of time on Earth I’ve been given. Even if it seems like the life I’m living is “meh” or “average” according to the Facebook standards.

And do you know what?

It’s Okay!

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