Wonder Woman? Maybe Mighty Mouse

Its been 2 years since my last blog. It goes without saying that I've had some bumps in the 'writing road'. The bump that started this 2 year no writing stent, I talked to a "friend" who is a writer. She had some advice for me and my aspirations, 1) There are too many blog writers out there and 2) Its really hard to be published. Those words stung. Those words paralyzed me.

During this season of paralyzation, My brain moved into Fearville. Population: unknown. My favorite part of living in Fearville is the Scaredy Cat Parade that goes down our main street ChickenShit Lane. Where the confetti flies and the banners read "You are NOT capable of being a writer" , "You are a terrible blogger", and my personal favorite "No one cares to read your crap.'' My fear neighbors; fear of failing, fear of succeeding, fear of others laughing at me, fear of being praised. I mean you get the idea. I had a lot of fearFUL neighbors.

From there I moved to Distraction Town. Distraction Town is a cozy place. I lived on Avoidance Street. I did all my chores; I played games on my phone, read a lot of books, coached cheer, ran mile after mile, complained about the laptop not being available, complained about having nothing to write about. Blah - Blah - Blah. Everything took more presidence over me writing.

Each day I would go for a walk in my new towns - something would gnaw at me. Something was amiss. Then my Favorite (aka - husband) asked "Hey are you going to write? Do you need me to fix your website?" Palm to forehead DUH! I'd been so busy living in Fearville and with the big move to Distraction Town....Ugh, I totally forgot he had set up a blog site for me.

This year for Christmas my mom gave me a pair of Wonder Woman slipper socks. She is this mom who thinks I am Wonder Woman with all the things that I juggle in daily life. I wish I had Wonder Woman's power(s). Maybe I wouldn't have been so afraid and distracted for the last two years. One of the things my mom will tell "Okay its time to put down the bat", meaning you've beat yourself up for too long about this now its time to move forward.

So here I am 2 years later....I am writing. Whether I write to an audience that consists of me or an audience of a million. I am moving forward with my dream. Writing.

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